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EB5 Visa

EB-5 USA Green Card Visa is a wonderful American Permanent Residency (PR) chance for people with a qualifying total asset, and furthermore their dependent families. It allows the candidate to move to the country through US Green Card with dependent life partner and kids beneath 21 years.

While the candidate may not be associated with everyday operations of the invested business venture, he should have no less than a policy level role. If a person is investing in a commercial enterprise then that company must have established a date after 29 November 1990.

Ordinarily, a yearly portion of 10,000 visas is distinguished under the EB-5 Visa class each year. In a pilot program, no less than 3000 of this amount have been put aside for assigned regional centers for the EB-5 Visa.


Income Proof of an individual

1 5 years of individual income tax returns

2 Individual bank account statements for the past two or more years

3 Salary reports

4 Salary confirmation letter from old employers

5 Five years of business income tax returns

6 Business registration documents and ownership

7 Articles of incorporation, share certificates, and other similar documentation

8 Business bank account information for the past 2+ years

Application Forms for EB-5 Visa

1 Form I-526: For confirmation of required venture, which is $1 million for beginning a business as an individual or $500,000 for putting resources into a Targeted Employment Area (TEA)

2 Form I-485: For financial specialists officially living in the United States and needing to apply for contingent permanent residency

3 Form DS-230: For financial specialists outside the United States to apply for contingent permanent residency

4 Form I-829: This appeal to evacuate the conditions required for EB-5 visa and can be documented following 2 years of entering the United States and meeting the 10 all day work creation for U.S. residents. This form must be submitted 90 days before the commemoration date of when the candidate initially got their restrictive permanent residency

We at Agile Consultancy have trained staff to provide the best consultation on visa application process. Our team has served many people with the best know-how in EB5 Visa. If you are also looking for such visa, contact us now for getting all the detailed information on the EB5 Visa.

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