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  • Agile Consultancy welcomes Franchisee Inquiry near to Rajkot / Himmatnagar / Palanpur / Anand / Gandhinagar / Surat areas.

  • Agile Consultancy welcomes Franchisee Inquiry near to Rajkot / Himmatnagar / Palanpur / Anand / Gandhinagar / Surat areas.

  • Agile Consultancy welcomes Franchisee Inquiry near to Rajkot / Himmatnagar / Palanpur / Anand / Gandhinagar / Surat areas.

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Europe Student Visa

Studying in Europe for matching current global economy needs is a must task. By having all the skills, you will get a chance to work with every big industry.

Among all the European countries, France, Poland, Germany has the best educational institutes for studying and gaining knowledge. In these countries, you can face different benefits of quality infrastructure and advance culture which is famous all over the world.

We have specialization in providing visa consultation on these four countries –


Poland is a standout amongst the loveliest countries in Europe and boasts of a few educational amenities and institutions, drawing students from various parts of the world. There are a few reasons why students pick Poland over different countries to pursue their studies.


Germany is identical with excellence. This remains true even in the education field. The huge majority of the Universities or schools or colleges are state financed. That’s why there is no such concept of buying a degree just like other educational institutions. Here, admissions are purely based on the merit system and no other medium. As per German law, colleges are not allowed to oppress or concede special treatment to people on the premises of race, ethnic gathering, gender, or social class.


Agile Consultancy is the leading visa specialist in Ahmedabad as well as crosswise over India for advancing France Study options. A cutting edge and dynamic nation, France, situated in the core of European Union which makes it perfect area to study in France. For each course, a base scholarly record of 60% or more in Standard XII will be required. Establishment and Diploma programs are accessible for students who have secured around half to think about the study in France. The students have to finish 18 years old before joining a degree program is required for France consider.


Spain is a country with high mountain extents and levels, for example, the Sierra Nevada and the Pyrenees ruled terrain Spain. It is home to some rivers running from the mountain statues like the Guadalquivir, the Tagus, the Duero, and the Ebro. Spain is a sacred government, with a genetic ruler and a parliament with two chambers: the Cortes. Semantic and social decent variety was esteemed in 1978 Constitution. The country has 17 self-governing groups (districts) which all have they are own particular straightforwardly elected specialists. Groups like Galicia, the Basque, and Catalonia, the territorial languages have official status nearby the national Spanish dialect.

If you are thinking to study in any of these European Countries, please contact Agile Consultancy. We have all the trained team of visa consultants who are experienced to give you proper consultation on European student visa.

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