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H1B Work Permit Visa

In case, if you are applying for a H1B visa to the USA, you should know every little thing about it. The H1B visa grants you to work in the nation and is the appeal to based. There are couples of necessities you have to check for before applying for the visa. Your profile should match every single necessity before understanding your eligibility for the H1B Work Visa.

Are you eligible for H1B Work Permit Visa?

The list of necessities starts with an employer-employee relationship with the requesting of US manager. Next, you have to ensure that your profile is a forte occupation, for which you have to coordinate the predefined criteria. The criteria incorporate the requirement for your area of expertise occupation to be identified with your field of study.



In the occupation you pick, you ought to be paid real or winning compensation, contingent upon which is higher among the two. Unless your appeal is exempted from numerical limits, your H1B visa number must be accessible when you are documenting the request. Your qualification for the H1B visa relies upon holding a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree alongside a couple of years of work involvement in the related field.

To know more about this, get in touch with our qualified, experienced and dedicated staff at Agile Consultancy.

You should meet all requirements to get the H1B visa

You must have proper qualification for getting the H1B Work Permit Visa. Every first year you should get 3 points from the university in which you are studying. Aside from this, with each one year of work experience, you can get one point. Total, you will need 12 points to get the eligibility for H1B Visa Program.

To get more information about H1B Work Permit Visa, contact Agile Consultancy and get the best consultation.


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