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Spain Student Visa

Spain is a country with high mountain extents and levels, for example, the Sierra Nevada and Pyrenees ruled terrain Spain. It is home to some rivers running from the mountain statues like the Guadalquivir, the Tagus, the Duero, and Ebro.

Spain is a sacred government, with a genetic ruler and a parliament with two chambers: the Cortes. Semantic and social decent variety was esteemed in 1978 Constitution.

The country has 17 self- governing groups (districts) which all have their own particular straight forwardly elected specialists.

Groups like Galicia, the Basque, and Catalonia, the territorial languages have official status nearby the national Spanish dialect.



Documents required for Spain Study Visa :

1 2 Schengen Application forms filled and signed.

2 Valid Passport with the planned period of your stay in Spain having one blank page to affix the visa.

3 2 passport size white background pictures that need to staple each on the application form.

4 Letter of acknowledgment as a full time student from Spain’s University/School or US program showing: name, address and registration number of the school with Spain’s Department of Education, full installment of educational cost, period of the program, subjects of the examination and hours of study every week which must be no under 20.

5 An original Health Insurance i.e. International health insurance for any accident or health issue with a smallest amount €30,000 if you are planning to stay in Spain.

At Agile Consultancy, we are having a super talented team who is well experienced to handle Spain Student Visa cases. Our visa consultancy service is hassle free and affordable for every single student who is aspiring to make his bright career in Spain.


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